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Website Redesign

You don't need to start over with your website! Our experts can give it a refreshing new look and help restore its energy.

We are good at redesigning

We have a lot of experience redesigning websites. We can take your old website and give it a new lease on life. We know how to bring out the best in your website, and we can make it look amazing.

Websites need to be designed with the user's needs in mind. When redesigning a website, we need to consider how users will interact with the site and what they need to accomplish. By keeping these points in mind, we can create a user-friendly design that helps users achieve their goals. These are what we considered when redesigning one of our academy clients :

  • Show how reliable this academy is
  • Emphasize the extensive experience of the main teacher
  • Students are satisfied with the quality of their education and consulting

See the difference between Before and After

HeyBoss knows our strengths much better than we do. Perhaps it's because they see us in a different light, or maybe they just have a knack for understanding people and companies.

This is the original website before we redesign it.

You'll notice the difference immediately after we redesign the website. We've updated the design to be more user-friendly and modern. This change will improve the academy's brand awareness and give a great first impression.

This is the current website we designed.

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